Yoogo Electric


At Yoogo we love innovation and technology so we embrace electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). When you choose an EV or PHEV for your business, not only will it benefit your brand, but in time with its reduced operating costs it will also benefit your bottom line. Yoogo can put you in the driving seat of an EV or PHEV today for a brighter tomorrow.

Yoogo can source both new and second-hand EV's for you locally or internationally. We aim to deliver the best selection of EV vehicles possible, with our flexible EV leases you can take just the vehicle or include:

  • AC/DC chargers
  • Warranty of second hand vehicles (Imported)
  • Charger Installations

With technology evolving so rapidly there are a great deal of options with EV's. Yoogo can work with you to make EV integration a viable alternative for you and your business. 

Yoogo will also launch car sharing in New Zealand with a fleet of 100% battery electric vehicles (BEV) which will have zero carbon emissions this year. If this 'sparks' some interest in you, talk to Yoogo today. 

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Here at YOOGO we believe a fleet management solution for your company need not be a headache. 

We specialise in managing company vehicles and can help sort the best option for your business.